The harlequin has been a well-known Commedia dell‘arte theatre figure since the 12th century and embodies a jester in a colourful checked costume. A masquerade artist, he moves seemingly effortlessly between worlds, jumping and tumbling, slipping into different roles, sometimes playing the bad guy, sometimes the good guy.

The historic harlequin figure inspired this Harlekin Quilt, a square quilt with a horizontal layout featuring 16 Harlekin blocks separated by 5" (12.5 cm) wide pieced block borders. The blocks are always aligned alternately, i.e. in one block the diagonal runs from top left to bottom right and vice versa.

The quilt is framed by two borders with corner squares. The inner medium blue border is 2" (5 cm) wide, the outer border is cut from burgundy fabric and is 8" (20 cm) wide.

The original Harlekin quilt was hand quilted with double diagonal lines, a wavy line as border and with many different sized circle motifs as the Harlequin‘s juggling balls.

Quilt Size

80” x 80”


For experienced quilters

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